Design & Engineering

Home Theater Solutions offers specific services to architectural companies.

Our engineering services include determining proper acoustic dimensions for a given room. The room is actually the most important part of a system. For example, a room with dimensions of 20 X 10 X 10 is one of the worst sounding rooms possible. Even given a room with these dimensions, there are things we can do to make this room acceptable. We will supply architects with a complete set of working blueprints of the project and the guidelines for a successful marriage of premium acoustical design and specific, consistent architectural design. We Work side by side with architects, contractors, and designers to deliver a trouble free project from beginning to end that will make everyone involved proud.

Home Theater Solutions has installed countless systems throughout California, Hawaii, and many other states. 100% of our clients will do business with us again, because of our knowledge of how to integrate systems into a given room. For example you can put a $50,000 system into a room and it will sound good, or you can install a $10,000 system properly and it will sound unbelievable. Just imagine what we can do with a $50,000 budget!

What is the point of owning a system that no one knows how to use? We provide remote controls that operate the most complex systems with the touch of one button. For example to watch T.V. simply touch a button on the remote titled “Watch TV”. That’s all you have to do! With the touch of this button imagine your T.V. coming up through the floor, cabinet, or dropping down through the ceiling, the lights dimming, shades dropping, and the AC/heater temperature going up or down according to your preferences. WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!