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Theater Rooms


Home Theater Solutions can create a cinema experience in the luxury of your own home. Creating a dedicated entertainment room allows you to enjoy movies, sports, TV and video games like never before. You don’t need to have a huge space for a dedicated theater. Basements, garages or spare rooms make great theaters and Home Theater Solutions will create a transformation you can hardly believe.

Home Theater Solutions approaches every new Home Theater Audio Installation scientifically starting with the room itself.  Dimensions and room shape greatly influence the sound coming from the speakers.  Architects love our sophisticated computer programs that are used to design and lay out the room properly.  Finally, we calibrate the audio system to maximize performance.

All Video Displays such as projectors, plasmas, LCDs, DLPs, Lcos, etc. are manufactured to look their best on the showroom floor. No matter how expensive or what type of television you have, it’s far from perfect out of the box!  We complete your installation by calibrating your new display, using the most sophisticated equipment, the same as the major manufacturer used when building it in the factory.  You will truly be amazed with the final picture!!

When designing a dedicated home theater, we typically start with a premium-quality, Runco HD projector and Screen from Stewart Filmscreen.  We use high-quality yet simple to use electronics from Meridian, Anthem and NAD depending on budget and we top it off with amazing sound solutions from top speaker brands like Pardigm, Thiel and JL Audio.  You can immerse yourself in the movie and actually feel like it’s happening around you.

We offer the simplest remotes, no matter how complex your system is.  It is as simple as hitting one button marked, “Watch TV or Watch DVD.”  The remote will do the rest for you, even through walls when the system is located in another room or closet!

“The sound that Tony can extract from a modestly priced receiver is astoundingly clear. Tony is right, no longer am I telling my husband to turn it down”.
-Mary L, San Rafael

Home Theater Solutions can help you choose and install theater seating solutions that best suit your entertaining needs. We can order just about any furniture you like for your custom home theater.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Home Theater Solutions state of the art theater room installations are a work of art. Have a look at some great rooms that we’ve done for our happy customers. Browse Theater Gallery