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Stewart Outdoor Filmscreens


Do you love being outdoors on your spacious patio? Maybe you have an amazing view of the mountains or live right along the shore. Ever wonder how you can entertain your friends and family outside during SuperBowl Sunday or watch a movie while feeling the refreshing ocean breeze?

Who better than Stewart, leaders in projection screen technology, to come up with the perfect entertainment solution that addresses the growing trend in outdoor living? Stewart’s weather-resistant Oasis is capable of creating an exciting, upcale outdoor living space.

The Oasis screen is an electronically controlled retractable screen based on the company’s popular Luxus Model A Electriscreen (LX Model). However, the Oasis is designed specifically for outdoor use and is resistant to corrosion and other outdoor elements.

Like all Stewart screens, the Oasis can be custom manufactured for a client’s specific requirements including screen size and aspect ratio. The screen housing is available in black or white, and any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials may be used.

  • Weatherized construction
  • Electronically controlled retractable screen system
  • 3-1/4” diameter roller tube with sound-dampening insulated screen drive
  • Aluminum extrusion housing with matte-black painted finish
  • Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures smooth surface and eliminates edge curl
  • Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection materials
  • Black-drop/overscan border above image*
  • Matte-black overscan borders on sides and bottom
  • Ceiling and wall mount hardware
  • 3-position high voltage wall switch (HVS)

Many of our clients, particularly women are worried that the speakers will clash with the plants and outdoor decor. To this concern we say, check out the Ambisonic, SoniScape speaker and subwolfer solutions. They are made to fit right in.

Ambisonic, SoniScape presents the MODEL 10SW in-ground subsonic-woofer

Until now outdoor subwoofers have been lacking in their musical prowess. The 10SW Subsonic-Woofer delivers powerful deep bass frequencies that are the foundation of the SoniScape System’s remarkable performance. The sealed PVC enclosure is installed below ground, with only its attractive solid copper canopy visible. The canopy is also available with a patina finish and a lighting option.

Difficult site conditions are no problem. The 10SW can be easily installed at varying depths below the ground surface. This unheard of versatility, coupled with unmatched front-firing bandpass performance, puts the Model 10SW In-Ground Subsonic-Woofer in a class unto itself.

  • Durable Cylindrical wall PVC Enclosure
  • Rugged Rubber-Mounted ABS Port
  • Solid Copper Port Canopy with Finish Options
  • Adjustable Depth Design For Easier Installation
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Vertically Mounted High-Compliance 10″ Woofer
  • Front-Firing Bandpass
  • Professional Grade Electronics
  • 70.7 Volt inputs for Daisy Chain Wire Runs
  • Optional Ports Including Ambient LED Lighting
Ambisonic, SoniScape presents the Model 3.5F Full-Range Satellight

SoniScape Outdoor Systems produce a richly dimensional, evenly dispersed sound field in an otherwise uncontrolled environment.

This is accomplished through an array of strategically placed Satellight loudspeakers and powerful subwoolfers.

The Model 3.5 F is the primary workhorse of the SoniScape System delivering richly-detailed audiophile quality sound. With various finish options and many unique installation accessories, the 3.5F can be positioned in trees, hidden in planting beds, or concealed along walkways.

Look no further if you desire great sound in a sleek, inconspicuous speaker that will blend in with just about any environment.

  • Durable Polymer Composite Enclosure
  • Injection Molded-Colorfast Finish
  • Weather Proof Silicone O-Ring Gasket Seals
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Vibration Proof, Fully Adjustable Swivel Arm
  • UV-Treated High Compliance Drivers
  • Rust-Proof Protective Grille
  • Professional Grade Electronics
  • 70.7 Volt inputs for Daisy-Chain Wire Runs
  • 1/2″ NPS Male Threads Meet NEC Specs

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