Are Wireless Speakers Right for you?

We are frequently asked about wireless speakers during our initial walk-thru.  There is actually no such thing as a wireless speaker.  Speakers that receive their information without wires need to be plugged into the wall to power the internal amplifier.  There are some battery operated speakers, but they do not have the power to achieve the volume necessary for home theater applications.  In most cases, the batteries will die before the end of a two hour movie. 

There are applications that justify wireless speakers.   Rooms with restrictions such as those on a slab foundation or with vaulted ceilings could benefit from wireless speakers.  We have also used them in basements with cinder block or concrete walls.

What is the difference in sound between a wired or wireless speaker?   The difference is negligible with many entry level audio systems purchased at Best Buy, Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, ect.   The difference becomes noticeable in systems of average quality and up.  A wired speaker is tonally much more accurate.   A wireless speaker often sounds like a poorly tuned radio station in your car.  They can pick up interference and can produce static from wireless phones, microwaves, refridgerators, light switches with dimmers and other sources common in most homes.   

Companies like Home Theater Solutions specialize in creative ideas and there have been very few situations where we were unable to run wire.  Please call us for a free walk-thru with suggestions on how to discretely  wire your room and home.  Remember, speaker location within the room is the key to a great sounding system!  A good speaker,  improperly placed in a room, is a waste of money.  Never place a speaker in a corner!

Are wireless speakers right for you, maybe?  We love to chat!  Call us anytime at 415-892-5573.

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