Audio Room Design and Installation

Why do some budget systems sound better than high quality systems?   The most important component in any audio system is the room.  You can install a $100,000 system  and it will sound good.  You can install a $5,000 system in a properly designed room and it will outperform the $100,000 system.   Many people waste their time and money having an installer open up boxes, place the system on the shelf, and then leave.    Home Theater Solutions works with your architect and builder to insure the room is designed properly.   Thus, less money can be spent on the equipment to  achieve high results.  Installation and the location of the speakers in the room dramatically affect the sound.  If an audio video installer randomly places speakers in the room you most likely will not be getting the full potential of your system.  We position the speakers properly in the room and we also calibrate the system to the room.  Our home theater installation will be your best buy ever!

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