Whats the best TV, Flatpanel, LED, Plasma, LCD, DLP, and Projector?

The most common question I am asked is who makes the best TV.  There are a number of good brands but the one that always rises to the top in our opinion is Runco.  We have personally installed Runco at Lucas Film in Marin County.  Please take a look at our portfolio.   We have reliable information that Runco has been used in the White House and N.A.S.A. along with other high profile companies.  What makes a good TV?  The simplest way to answer this is consider a TV as a computer.  Imagine putting a new video game in a five year old computer.  The game will lag and your computer can not keep up with the information given to it.   Your TV set is the same way.  Use an inexpensive processor and your screen will not be able to keep up with the motion.  You see this the most in sports when fast moving objects such as a football being punted or a baseball being hit, the image could momentarily disappear from the screen or the object may smear.  Just for fun look at your current TV and concentrate on a persons head.  As it rocks back and forward does the hair smear.  On a good set you should be able to see individual strands of hair at all times.  This is why we like Runco technologies so much.  They use the smartest processors giving you a incredible stable image.    Runco uses the ultimate in processing power available for televisions today.   Please take a look at our portfolio page to see the quality picture on Runco displays.  All the photos are of jobs we have installed.  If you have any questions please contact us at 415-892-5573 or email us at info@hometheatersolutions.com


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