Tips for mounting front projectors.

Almost all projectors have a throw distance.  In most cases the throw distance is between one and half to three feet.  Instinctively most installers will mount the projector as close to the screen as possible to try and get a sharper picture.  This is not the case, you actually get a sharper picture mounting the projector as far away from the screen as you can or at the end of the throw distance.  The reason for this is, the most delicate part of the light path is actually through the lens.  The majority of lenses manufactured spend the greatest care in polishing the lenses in the center and less care around the edges.  When the projector is mounted closer to the screen, the lens is zoomed in making the light path wider across the lens.  When the projector is mounted to the back of the throw distance the lens is zoomed out, making the light path smaller through the center part of the lens which is more highly polished.  The result is a much sharper picture.  There is much more to installing projectors and achieving a stunning picture.  This is one of many steps we take to installing projectors at Home Theater Solutions.  We have installed projectors in our home town Novato in Marin County, all the way to Atlanta, Georgia in the east and Hawaii in the west.  Home Theater Solutions has been chosen by many customers all around the United States for its value and expertise.  Please try us out, we truly love what we do.

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