Santa Rosa, Ca

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i want a project like this one

65″ display by Marantz with outboard Runco video processing.  The difference between a $1000 TV and a $10,000 is not necessarily in the screen itself but the processor within the TV.  The more effort put into the processor will result in a significantly better picture.  Just imagine the space shuttle running on a $200 computer or a $5000 computer.  Which one would you rather fly in?  The same applies to surround processors. There is a digital signal coming into the receiver or processor.  How smart is the processor to determine what is the back left channel, front right channel, subwoofer etc?  With the right mix of electronics you will not be watching a movie, you will be in the environment you are watching.  Electronics by McIntosh, Speakers by B&W, Wiring by MIT, chairs by Fortress Seating.