Novato, Ca

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i want a project like this one

14′ wide Stewart Filmscreen in a converted space under a home in Novato. The dirt was dug out under a deck to the correct depth then framed in to produce this fine theater.  Room dimensions are the most critical element to produce great sound.  When building or remodeling a home we can provide the best dimensions for a given room.  The worst sounding rooms are rooms that have same dimensions or dimensions that are divisable by another dimension in a room.  For example a 10X10X10 room is the worst room in the world, so is a room that is 20X10X10.  We have computer programs developed by the best brains in the world to create superb sounding rooms.  Room treatment can help after the room is built or if you have an existing room that has problems with sound reflections.  If you have a hard time understanding the spoken word in your system the odds are very good we can correct this.  Remember, you can put a $100,000.00 system in a bad room and it will sound OK, put a $2500 system in a properly designed room and you will be astonished.  Of course a $100,000.00 system in a good room will give you a glimpse of movie and music heaven.  Projector by Runco, Audio by Anthem, Speakers by Snell, Subwoofer by JL audio, Wiring and power conditioning by MIT