Kentfield, Ca

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i want a project like this one

9′ wide image by Stewart Filmscreen in a properly sound treated room.  There is really no such thing as a totally sound proof room built inside a house.  If you are promised a “Sound Proof” room walk away.  Sound treatment is used to control the sound within a room.  The speakers in this room are behind the false wall on either side of the screen.  Speakers sound best when they are away from the side and back wall.  This screen is actually sitting 30″ off the back wall and the left, center and right speakers are 38″ off the back wall.  To stop the majority of sound transmitting through the walls, speakers are placed in the columns as seen in the photos.  Two surrounds are used on the side walls, one for each row of seats and a pair on the back wall to complete the 7.1 system.  Projector by Runco, electronics by Anthem, speakers by Paradigm, 2 subwoofers by  JL Audio. Wiring and power conditioning by MIT, additional power conditioning by Richard Gray Power Company.