Sausalito, Ca

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i want a project like this one

A 7′ wide Stewart Filmscreen in a converted formal dining room.  The reason the customer converted the dining room was that they only used the room twice a year at most.  They love movies and like to watch movies at least twice a week.  With this reasoning they figured it was a waste of space to keep it as a dining room.  We were given a budget of $20,000 to build this room.  Upon completion the bill came to $16,800.  The images you see on the screen are part of the video calibration process.  The calibration equipment we use is the very same used in building the finest displays and projectors in the world.  It is easy to find people who do calibrations, where they stick something on the front of the display and fool around with the controls.  In a lot of these cases, not very much is done at all.  Do your research on who is doing your ISF calibration. There are good calibrators out there, but many more who just say they calibrate.  We invested 10’s of thousands of dollars on the calibration equipment we use on all displays, even small ones. Projector by Runco, audio by NAD, speakers by Paradigm, subwoofer by JL Audio, wiring by MIT