Corte Madera, Ca

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i want a project like this one

9′ wide Stewart Filmscreen. Runco projector with Runco processing.  Two subwoofers are significantly better than one.  The whole idea is to not shake and rattle the room.  The term subwoofer is not used properly.  “Sub” means below what we hear.  Most so called subwoofers are just a woofer in a box.  They are designed to create booming noises that rattle the room and make dialogue difficult if not impossible to understand.  A true subwoofer can hit you in the stomach, without you hearing anything or very little.  In real life you feel a semi truck before you hear it.  If you have ever experienced a real organ you know that when the low note is struck you don’t really hear anything but you feel it in your insides.  The most difficult speaker to set up in a room is the subwoofer.  It takes a lot of training and experience.