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Mill Valley, Ca

The ultimate bedroom system with a 9′ wide drop down Stewart Filmscreen.  The Runco projector is hidden above the bed.  When the system is off there are really no clues to the average eye that there is a TV in the room. 


San Rafael, Ca

15′ wide Stewart Filmscreen, Runco projector.  Audio and speakers by Meridian.  Wiring and power conditioning by MIT.  Acoustically this room was a nightmare.  The dimensions of the room were about as bad as you could get 23’x22’x11′.  After applying proper room


Napa Valley, Ca

6.5′ wide Stewart Filmscreen,  One of the best sounding rooms without room treatment because of all the books in the room.  Books are a natural deflector.  When sound bounces off a smooth wall it bounces around the room and your ears hear


Marin County, CA

Video: 7′ wide Stewart Starglass screen with a Digital Projection short throw projector. Audio:  NAD 7.1 surround system with Paradigm speakers and JL Audio subwoofer.  Music via the Meridian Sooloos Control 15. Wire and power conditioning by MIT. Weather your looking to watch


Outdoor Theater Solutions

Do you love being outdoors on your spacious patio? Maybe you have an amazing view of the mountains or live right along the shore. Ever wonder how you can entertain your friends and family outside during SuperBowl Sunday or watch a


Skywalker Ranch, Lucas Films

Tony Probst was contacted by Lucas Films to wire and help design the scoring stage at Skywalker Ranch. The scoring stage is used for the orchestra to down the score for a movie. Tony installed B&W speakers, Runco displays and projector,

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